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Agri-Biotechnology Section

This page is used to post Activity Reports, Minutes etc. from the section Board in order to inform our members in more detail. Feel free to become active yourself if you have a meaningfull addition towards this Section's activities

EU-Commission on Biotechnology Collaborations with China and Asia

The following documents can be downloaded as Word files:
Asia-Europe Meeting 4 on Agrofood Bioethics
European Focus on Biotechnology in China (EFBIC)

Activity Report 2000-2001
The section website registers new members to the section gradually but continuously, with a current total of ca. 150. The website will be updated more regularly.

The section Agri-Biotechnology with originally a strong focus on cropplants was expanded to include farm animals, with the help of the FAIP secretariat (Farm Animal Industrial Platform, More specifically on the use of genomics in livestock for the provision of genetic markers in selective breeding (Marker Assisted .Selection), to identify desirable genes already present in the animals. Transgenesis in animal production is economically not feasible, is not accepted by society and therefore will not be employed.
In collaboration with the FAIP and the EFB TaskGroup on Public Perception, an accompanying measure was applied for in Brussels "on genomic research and industry efforts, how to use genomic research money more efficiently, and the possible benefit of farm animal genomics for organic breeding".

During the ECB9 in Madrid, a concentrated series of very succesfull Agri-Biotech sessions were organized, presenting the state-of-art in molecular plant sciences.

Two Section-related conferences are planned:
"BioMarket 2001: Bioproducts from Plants and Microbes" to be held at
Rothamsted Experimental Station, Institute of Arable Crops Research,
Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK, on 07-09 November 2001 is awarded as EFB event 110, co-organized by the Section Agri-Biotechnology.
"First International Congress on Plant Metabolomics", to be held in Wageningen, NL on April 7-11, 2002.

Activity Report 1999-2000
During the ECB9 conference in Bruxelles (July 1999), a new section of the European Federation of Biotechnology was launched to enhance and promote research in the field of Agri-Biotechnology.

The section will support pan-European initiatives that
- stimulate interactions between research groups and the agri-industry
- expand the range of food and non-food applications of biotechnology
- co-organize meetings relevant to the section
- help disseminate scientific information
- setup expert meetings to form foresight reports
- develop teaching aids for biotechnology
- interact with other EFB sections, working parties and task groups
- other networking activities that fall within the scope of the mission.

The current section Board Members are Claude Boudet (France), Noel Ellis (United Kingdom), Christane Gatz (Germany), Angelo Kanellis (Greece), Jose Martinez-Zapater (Spain), Ferenc Nagy (Hungary), Peter Sijmons (Netherlands, chairman), Jens Stougaard (Denmark), Dominique VanderStraeten (Belgium) and Richard Visser (Netherlands).

The implementation of a website was the first activity of the section and can be found at . It includes an automated membership registration form, news & announcements, bulletin board and carefully selected links to other relevant sites. Membership to the section is free of charge to professional individuals.

The 1st Conference of the Section was organized in parallel with the Biotechnology World Conference in Berlin in September 2000. During ECB10 in Madrid, a strong scientific program is prepared for Agri-Biotechnology.