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Mission & Activities

EFB Section Agri-Biotechnology

... to enhance and promote research in
agri-biotechnology in all European countries ...


Section Activities

The section will support pan-European initiatives that:

  • stimulate interactions between research groups and the agri-industry
  • expand the range of food and non-food applications of biotechnology
  • co-organize meetings relevant to the section
  • help disseminate scientific information
  • setup expert meetings to form foresight reports
  • develop teaching aids for biotechnology
  • interact with other EFB sections, working parties and task groups
  • other networking activities that fall within the scope of the mission.

As the section operates on volunteers only and membership to the section is free of charge, the above listed activities do not include financial sponsoring.

Member Activities

Members of the Section Agri-Biotechnology who are involved in national activities that would benefit from a European approach, are encouraged to use the networking ability of the section and bring such initiatives to the attention of the committee board. The board in turn will act as liaison to other members. All activities that fall within the mission of the section are welcomed.

Truly European

This section comprises ALL european countries, not just the European Union. Check out the EFB list of affiliated countries and their professional societies.

Section Board (click here)

What can EFB do for you ?

The European Federation of Biotechnology is the association of European scientific and technological societies in biotechnology together with universities, scientific institutes, companies, biotechnology associations and individual members.

Our mission
- to foster collaboration between European biotechnologists from industry and academia to promote the multidisciplinary field of biotechnology and to support its scientific, economic and applied technological development in a socially and ethically acceptable manner;
- to promote the safe, sustainable and beneficial use of Nature’s resources in the life sciences and technologies by supporting sound science and the application of engineering and technology;
- to facilitate exchange of people and ideas, organise specialised courses for Ph.D. students and young postgraduates and stimulate innovation with the common goal of advancing biotechnology in Europe;
- to contribute to a better understanding and perception of biotechnology by the general public in Europe.

How we do it
- by promoting co-operation on scientific grounds between national and cross-national member societies, their personal members and scientists from academia and industry;
- by offering all national and cross-national societies, companies, associations and individuals interested in the promotion of biotechnology a platform for participating in and contributing to enhanced and coordinated activities in Europe and worldwide.

What EFB can do for you and why you should join
- active participation in the meetings, publications and general work of our Sections and Task Groups;
- EFB already has Sections on Agrobiotechnology, Applied Biocatalysis, Applied Genome Research and Biochemical Engineering Science with Biodiversity and Medical Biotechnology currently under formation. Task Groups on Education, International Relations and Public Perceptions of Biotechnology work across the life sciences and technologies;
- direct access and involvement in the networks throughout Europe and beyond of the scientists, industrialists, government officials, educationalists, journalists, etc concerned with all aspects of biotechnology; - representation to a broad range of groups from the European Commission and politicians to the media and financial sectors, nationally and internationally;
- rapid information on European Commission programmes and policy;
- access to the EFB databank for contacts when organising conferences and symposia (apply for an EFB-event number qualification);
- free membership for individuals and a modest fee for societies, scientific institutes, companies and biotechnology associations.

Where you can find out more
- either from or by contacting the EFB Office and Congress Service.