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Board Members & Organization

Section AgriBiotechnology

The first Board for the Section Agri-Biotechnology was not elected but appointed by the Executive Committee of the EFB. The Board members are:

* Prod Dr Johan Sanders (chairman) Wageningen Univ & Research Centre (NL)
* Dr Peter C Sijmons (secretary) CatchMabs BV, Netherlands
* Dr. Zsuszanna Bosze, Animal Biology, Agricult Biotechn Ctr (HU)
* Prof. Dr. Grahame Bulfield, University of Edinburgh (UK)
* Prof. Dr. Peter Dovc, University of Ljubljana (SL)
* Prof. Dr. Preben B. Holm, Danish Inst Agricult. Sciences (DK)
* Prof. Dr. Christiane Gatz, Univ Gottingen (DU)
Prof. Dr. Richard Visser, Wageningen Agricultural University (NL)
* Dr. Jose Martínez-Zapater, Centro Nat. Biotechn, Univ. Autonoma de Madrid (ES)
* Mrs. Anne-Marie Neeteson, Farm Animal Industr Platform (EU)
* Dr. Dominique van der Straeten, State Univ. Ghent (BE)



The Section is composed of all of its members, each having one vote. Initially, a Committee Board will be proposed through the chairman. A maximum of 10 members (including chairman and secretary) will form the Section Committee Board for the first 3 years and can be re-elected once. After the second term which the board member is obliged to resign but can become vice-chairman for a year and a half to ensure continuity.
The Committee Board intends to establish an Advisory Board, consisting of a small number of very eminent scientists that pioneered in the field of agri-biotechnology. Their experience will help defining the objectives of the Section while their networks can be used to strengthen the critical mass of the Section.


Elections are organized every 3 years during the Sectionsymposia or EFB congresses for the number of board seats that are vacated at that time. One year beforre the elections members are asked for suggestions for candidate Board members. A list with candidates will be sent to members 6 months before the elections.