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last updated Thu, Nov 6, 2003


UK Scientists reaction to Blair Government on Farm Scale Evaluation publication (downloads Word document)

"Plants, Genes, and Crop Biotechnology", the 2nd edition textbook for university lecturers and researchers. Now calling for sponsors to distribute this textbook in developing countries. An important initiative of Maarten Chrispeels (SDCMA) and Marc van Montagu (IPBO, Gent). more info

Agricultural Biotechnology in Europe (ABE): issue papers can be downloaded as pdf from the
ABE site, excellent papers for politicians, highschools, public debates etc,
paper 1: Crop Biotechnology; an overview
paper 2: Public Attitudes to Agricultural Biotechnology (April 2002)
paper 3: the Environmental Impact of Agricultural Biotechnology (May 2002)
paper 4: Crop Biotechnology and Food Safety (July 2002)
paper 5: Economic Impact of Crop Biotechnology (October 2002)
paper 6: Views on Agricultural Biotechnology (July 2003)
You can receive ABE issue papers directly by subscribing to

Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food, a Guide for consumers, teachers, politicians etc., prepared by the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (2001).

New: starting January 2003, the Plant Biotechnology Journal will be published by Blackwell Publishing, with the Society for Experimental Biology and the Association of Applied Biologists.

EU sponsored BioBiz workshops in 2002-2003. Open to all European member, candidate and associated states' citizens who are potential entrepreneurs in the biotech sector (download PDF info).

Symposium on Marine Biotechnology; Basics and Applications, Matalascanas, Huelva, Spain, February 25 - March 1, 2003.

7th International Congress of Plant Molecular Biology (ISPMB) Barcelona, Spain, June 23-28, 2003

The European Community launches new activities for biotechnology collaborations with China and Asia, which will be coordinated through the EFB. Workshops, conferences, fellowships, trainee programs etc. will start in 2002. See the News & Activities section.

Public Debate on Agri-Biotechnology

On request of our members, the best links for the public debate on Agri-Biotechnology are now listed directly on our home page (for a full list press Links on the menu):

  • BetterFoods, Web Site Launched On Benefits Of Food Biotechnology
  • CheckBiotech is an Internet platform sponsored by Syngenta. The aim of this platform is to provide trustworthy and up-to-date information on agricultural biotechnology and thereby to contribute to an open debate.
  • FoodFuture, consumer-oriented site from the Food & Drink Federation
  • IFIC Intern. Food Information Council: mission to communicate science-based information on food safety and nutrition to health and nutrition professionals, educators, journalists, government officials and others providing information to consumers.
  • CSPI The nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest provides information about the links between hundreds of scientists -- mostly in the fields of nutrition, environment, toxicology, and medicine -- and corporations.
  • Straight Talk about Biotechnology Straight Talk provides information about biotechnology in an environment that encourages open discussion. The site includes a newsroom that is updated each day. Although Straight Talk is sponsored by DuPont, the site is educational, not commercial.
  •, a joint site from the big Life Science Companies (Monsanto, DuPont, DowChemical, Novartis) to explain the opportunities of biotechnology to balance the information from Greenpeace, consumer organizations etc.
  • Informational PDF files prepared by the BIO Plant-made pharmaceuticals PMP Working Group, free for distribution.
    1) consumer benefits of plant made pharmaceuticals
    2) containment of plant made pharmaceuticals
    3) plant-made pharmaceuticals and genetically modified foods
    4) glossary

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